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The "CHC HD Movie" channel is the only full HD movie channel in China. It is incomparable from sound quality and image quality to other HD channels, with Dolby 5.1 surround stereo sound and 16: 9 HD image quality. Real restoration of the movie scene, to bring you live audio and video enjoyment. In April 2006, in order to meet the personalized and professional demand of TV subscribers, the "CHC High Definition Film" channel set up by the Film Channel Program Center (CCTV-6) of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television came into being.

In recent years, with the promotion and popularization of digital television in the whole country, high-definition television programs have increasingly become the new needs of television viewers. In addition, it has that characteristic that the screen display ability is strong and the image quality is higher, the definition can be twice as high as that of the DVD, and the screen of 16: 9 is more accord with the normal view of the person, Let your eyes no longer appear the suppression of black shielding bars; all-weather Dolby 5.1 multi-channel surround stereo is the first in the country, and unique, its lifelike effect will maximize the restoration of real cinema scenes, Bring in the presence of the double shock of audio and video.

In the programming, "CHC HD Film" channel will take the advantage of the Film Channel Program Center on film resources, starting at 9: OO a.m. every day and broadcasting for 18 hours in a row. Launch a key film at 21: 30 prime time every night and recommend a blockbuster on Sunday at the same time.

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