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Heilongjiang Agricultural Reclamation Radio and Television Station is the main channel of modern agricultural information. Heilongjiang has the most agricultural characteristics of the mainstream media. It is the main channel for Heilongjiang to disseminate the Northern Wilderness culture and an important window for external publicity.

Heilongjiang Agricultural Reclamation Radio and Television Station adopts the advanced optical fiber digital signal transmission system. It has three channels of agriculture, public and information, and three channels of linkage transmission. Among them, agricultural channels cover the whole province, with a total audience of more than 38 million people. At present, there are 10 self-run programs in the whole station. The daily broadcast time of self-made programs is 9 hours, and the total broadcast time of the whole station is 60 hours. Our station has a modern production and broadcasting system, a virtual studio and a first-class standard clearing system.

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