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The public channel of Ezhou TV station broadcasts 17 hours a day. "Ezhou News", "Hot Spots", "Life Square Circle", "Wudu Warning", "Environmental Protection World", "Medical Garden Vertical and Horizontal", "Rural Longitudes and Latitudes", "Cable Guide", "New Film Preview" and other programs are well known in Ezhou.

Ezhou Television Station is committed to scientific and technological progress and realizes three-dimensional image production. Now Ezhou Television Station covers the whole territory of Ezhou, as well as nearby places such as Wuhan, Huangshi, Huanggang, Xianning, Xishui, Macheng and Daye, covering 20 million people. Ezhou cable transmission network has been connected with 30 townships in the city, with 200,000 users and a population of 50,000. More than ten thousand. At present, four sets of programs have been automatically broadcast. Ezhou and its surrounding cities can receive stable television signals, covering about 10 million people.

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