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On May 17, 2004, Hebei Film and Video Channel was officially launched. Five years after its establishment, Hebei Film and Video Dao grew up in the eyes of everyone concerned. Over the past five years, Hebei Film and Video Channel has been revamped and dressed up many times. After the revision, Hebei Film and Video Channel launched a new channel packaging, based on public welfare, enhance service and participation, which is refreshing.

On the basis of retaining the basic framework of the program, the new program arrangement will increase the broadcasting volume of the TV series. The new noon "Music Skyscraper Theatre" and "Afternoon Theatre", together with the original "Morning Theatre" and "Excellent Theatre", the four major theatres are interlinked and broadcast ten TV series every day. At the same time, the integrated film broadcasting will be conducted on weekdays. 6. Open the "Weekend Continuous Watch" cinema on Sunday, and broadcast four movies a day. The channel added "Exploration Age" to broadcast at 17:35 p.m. and 0:00 a.m. With the original "film and television circle", "very audio-visual", "film and television treasure book", "Exploration Age", "Big World of Film and Television", "New Seven Days of Film and Television", "Film through train", "Passionate Cinema" constitutes a new pattern of film and video channels.

The new version of the film and video channel is not the same layout, the same wonderful. Hebei Film and Video Channel's existing columns and theatre cinemas: Film and TV Circle, Very Audiovisual, Film and Television Treasure Book, Exploration Times, Film and Television World, New Seven Days of Film and Television, Film Direct Train, Passionate Cinema, Weekend Continuous Watching, Excellent Theatre, Le Tien Theatre, Morning Theatre and Afternoon Theatre.

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