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Meijia shopping channel, let you enjoy the relaxation and honor of family shopping without leaving home. Since its launch on October 7, 2008 on Hubei TV Metropolitan Channel, Meijia shopping channel has gradually matured with the service concept of "making shopping easier and making life more beautiful".

At present, Meijia shopping channel has 120 call centers with high-end IT technology support, 5500 square meters office building, 400 square meters broadcasting hall, 8-hour live program every day, 24-hour broadcasting, 80 professional production team of shopping programs, 35% new product development rate per month, covering 5.4 million users and services in the province. Jingchu 18.9 million spectators, direct to the province's 13 cities and states, 102 counties and municipalities (districts), 1220 townships (streets) of the logistics, sales of goods involving 3C digital, home life, fashion clothing, cosmetology, skin care, jewelry and other goods more than 200 categories 1800.

Meijia shopping channel devotes itself to modern family shopping and is the perfect combination of media power and retail market. Mega-Jia Shopping relies on the mature operation system of Haoliyou and the resource advantages of Hubei Radio and Television Station to provide consumers with high-quality goods and services ranging from 3C household appliances, household appliances to jewelry, beauty clothing, insurance and tourism. At present, Mega Shopping has established cooperative relations with more than 200 well-known manufacturers.

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