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FJTV-1 comprehensive channel "public welfare, love, help, service" is our orientation, "everyone help you, we have a set" is our slogan. Two big banners of people's livelihood service set up a help platform, "Help Group" and "Mediation has a set of" live broadcasts every day for 90 minutes to alleviate people's worries.

"Healthy Every Day" popularizes the health preservation of traditional Chinese medicine and conveys the concept of health; TV talk show "Yu Li Kai Lecture" and food culture program "Happiness of the Tongue Tip", "Record China New Vision" and excellent documentary joint broadcast "Record China" constitute a humanistic program tape, broaden the viewing horizon and improve the quality of life; Files of "Crystal Theater" good Drama Company stage, stable in Fujian "First Theater", "Hot Mama Different", "Come on Baby", "Baby Different", "Singing Bar", "People's Spring Festival Night" and other seasonal broadcasts as well as weekly variety shows shining on weekend nights, paying attention to the people around, sharing happiness and warmth.

In 2015, we opened a new livelihood characteristic column, such as mediation column program, to better serve the audience, and pay more attention to offline activities, using activities to promote viewing, and using activities to drive marketing. Over half a century of hard work and accumulation, we have harvested trust and reputation; in 2015, we will start anew and create brilliance.

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