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Relying on China Confucius Network, Shandong will focus on the construction of "one network, one station and one library", namely, China Confucius Network, Confucius Network Television Station, and the digital library of Confucian culture on the Internet. China Confucius Network will be launched in May, striving to become the first network of Chinese culture. The next step will be to co-ordinate the provincial TV channel resources and set up the "Chinese Culture Channel" (Confucius Satellite TV).

There is also Confucius Satellite Television in Macau. Confucius Satellite Television (Confucius Satellite Television) is a TV station of Xinhua News Agency, mainly for foreigners. For the time being, it will be broadcast only at Chinese embassies abroad. Confucius Satellite Television Station takes the promotion and dissemination of the essence of Confucius culture to the whole world as its duty, and enjoys a high reputation in the world, especially among the highly knowledgeable stratum. The broadcasting has been suspended.

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