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MYTV-3 Science and Technology Channel of Mianyang TV Station belongs to Mianyang Radio and Television Center. The Science and Technology Channel is managed by three TV programs. The channel has a smart and capable advertising planning, producers, non-linear editors and other advanced pre-and post-television equipment. It mainly broadcasts entertainment programs and TV dramas. Among them, "China Entertainment Report", "Thousand Worlds", "General Mobilization of Joy", "TV Shopping Mall", "8-point Economic Information", "Stock Review Complete" and other columns have high ratings in the local area, and they are also good carriers for advertising colleagues to plan to put advertisements. The channel's audience ratings have been ranked first in Mianyang Television's cable TV, with an average annual advertising revenue of about 4 million.

The predecessor of Mianyang Television Science and Technology Channel is Mianyang Cable Television Station. The number of TV users has increased rapidly from more than 120,000 households founded in 1992 to 100,000 now, covering 660,000 resident population and 250,000 floating population in Mianyang City, the second largest central city in Sichuan Province. Television signal is transmitted by optical cable trunk line with high fidelity and clear viewing by users. At present, Mianyang Radio and Television Center is implementing the "2000 City with County Cable Network Project Plan". In the near future, it will connect Anxian, Beichuan, Zitong and three TV networks, which are close to each other. By then, the number of users will increase to 160,000 households.

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