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Qinghai Metropolitan Channel, formerly known as Qinghai Film and Television Variety Channel, was renamed Qinghai Metropolitan Channel in September 2013. Qinghai Metropolitan Channel mainly hosts and hosts various large-scale activities and entertainment programs in the province.

Qinghai Metropolitan Channel dedicates splendid programs 24 hours a day to all of you. Among them are "The Most Living City", "Music Style" which is closely related to people's life, which meets the tastes of young people, "City kaleidoscope" which shows people's life, "Step by Step to Win" in competitive competitions, and "Eat All over Qinghai" which has its own characteristics. As well as telling the truth of the play, building blocks to the world, fun clubs and so on.

In addition to these columns, the full-day TV theatre is accompanied by your daily life. The Sunshine Theater, the Metropolitan Theater, the Night Theater and the Classic Theater, which are broadcast at 7:45 a.m., 1:38 p.m., 20:42 p.m., and 23:38 p.m., have been carefully selected and produced by us. We hope that our efforts will be recognized by all.

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