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Taiyuan Education Television Station

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Taiyuan Education Television StationLogo

Taiyuan Education Television Station Logo

Taiyuan Educational Television Station is located at No. 6 Xiwangjing Road, Lifenqiao, Taiyuan City, which belongs to Taiyuan Education Bureau. It was established in 1983 and broadcasted formally in May of the same year. The program covers 2.7 million people in Taiyuan and its six suburban counties and districts.

The broadcasts include: Eating in Longcheng, Ghosts Running through the World, Entering Teachers, Youth and Law, News Direct Train, Fashion Bright Spots, Longcheng Forum, High-end Training, Car Driving World, Classics of Meeting, Appreciation of Film and Television Art, Treasure Hall, Searching for Doctors and Questions. Medicine, Entertainment Dual-shot Gun, Entrance Examination, I Brighten the Party Flag, Fire Fighting

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