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ZTV3, the economic and life channel of Zhejiang TV Station, is one of the provincial terrestrial channels of Zhejiang Radio, Film and Television Group. The audience scope covers the whole province of Zhejiang, and the influence is deep in Zhejiang society, and the popularity involves the surrounding provinces and cities.

ZTV3 orientation faces the mass stratum, sets up the platform with the information, combines the popular culture, presents a rich and colorful screen world for the vast television audience. ZTV3 on the basis of information set-up station, the news 24-hour rolling broadcast, and has provincial-level trump news column "via viewing news," "via viewing news" anchor Li Yan is also one of the four brands of Zhejiang Radio and Television hosts. At the same time, ZTV3 also has such well-known brands as "Fengyan Bee Language," "Communication Story," "Securities Direct Broadcast Room" and other columns of Zhejiang Radio, Film and Television Group.

With the help of channel resources, ZTV3 initiated the series of activities of "Fengyun Zheshang," focused on and carried forward the spirit of Zheshang in the new era, and got the positive response of industrial and commercial people and extensive attention of the whole society. Strong resources, efficient dissemination, so that Zhejiang Jingjing has the potential to become a growth of high-performance stocks, appreciation of the space and benefits of return are considerable space. At the same time, the large-scale brand activity "Xiucai Jiangnan," combined with CCTV and many media in provinces and cities, formed a beautiful whirlwind sweeping the Yangtze River Delta, resulting in extensive social influence, and provided a good platform for the market introduction of sponsored corporate image. The mainstream and high quality of the ZTV3 program brings together the high-quality audience, which presents the characteristics of "three high" (high income, high social status and high educational level).

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