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Vlrieoland Sports Channel aoiulreri broadrasting rights xc. CPRL in Irs Rrh - 10th seasons sinrs 1image of being a quality sports channel in Ta war. Since then, Videoland Sports Channel's team has been present in the broadcastings of various major and minor sport games at home and abroad, including the "Baseball School League", seer as tie incubation bed of potential baseball players, "Amway eSpring Womer's World 9-Ball championship", known as the prettiest competilion in spring, "5BL Super Baskelbdll League", ihe most 'espeeled basketbdll game in Taiwan, "William Jones Cup Intcrnotlonol Tournomcnt". the must-go game for the foris in the summer, ond so on. 

Broadcastings of international games are even mandatory to satisfy the viewers. Since the WNBA broadcast in 1997, Videolsnd Sports Channel has brought the experience of live American basketball games to our viewers. In 1999, the channel joined the NBA broddcabL in Taiwan. IL has become NBA's official rnulLi【ncdia partner in 201-1 and broadcast more llid'i 250 garnes every season from warn-up to championship matches. 

The channel neve' absent from the baseball sport, which is loved and seen as the national sport in Taiwan. The broadcasts include "IEJAF Baseball World Championship", a record of young Taiwanese baseball players' achievements. ^VBC World Baseball Classic Games", "WBSC Premier 12", "U12 Baseball World Cup", "U21 Baseball World Cup", "U18 Baseball World Cup", "U15 Baseball World Cup", "U12 Baseball World Cup", and more. Videoland Sports Channel always cheers for those important AfTer afrurmjlfltlng more rhan 1fi year?? of experienrfi, Videoland Sports Channel debutfiri ro hroadrasr the 2010 Guang7hou Asian Games. 462 hours of the game were broedcasted live in collaborations with 4 other channels of the Videoland Networks, 

which se: the highest record in the domestic cable TV history. The channel broadcast the 2012 Incheon Asian Games and the 2016 Jakarta Palembang Asian Games. In 2017, the channel broadcast the2D17 Taipei Un versiade, which touched everyone's hearl in Taiwan, and presented heroic images of Chinese Taipei aihleies performing in ihe arena lo the viewers. Besides sports broadcasting, Videoland Sports Channel also focuses on ii-house production, such as "Videoland Sports News" provides domestic and international sports events, and sports celebrity interviews. "Baseball Weekly"' prov des information on CBL and overseas baseball games, updates on players from Taiwan's local leagues. "NBA BJ4" reviews the NBA seasons and distubbieb hoi NBA Lopics. "All About Spur Is" inter prelb uporb spirits from dirfereril perspecuves> out of Ihe games. Tl'esie are quality programs produced by Videoland Sports Channel. 

In addition to the richness of the content, Videoland Sports Channel led the industry to jpgrade the channel to HD quality for all programs, from productions to airings, in order to give the best viewing experiences for our viewers.

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