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Wuhan Style Channel is a unique and unique self-run sports channel with distinctive features in Wuhan, and its rating performance is basically comparable to the five sets of CCTV. Wuhan TV introduces sports to a very rich program resources, including many of the world's top sports broadcast rights, such as the World Cup, the Olympic Games, European Cup, the Premier League, Serie A, A, and so on. At the same time, a number of excellent columns such as "sports cartoon," "sports report" and so on are welcomed by the audience. The professional and authoritative image of the media enjoys a high reputation and appeal among the broad audience.

The main audience of the sports channel is a male between the ages of 15 and 44. They have a positive and optimistic attitude towards life, pay attention to the quality of life, loyal advertising, often engaged in sports leisure activities. Sports is their favorite TV program to watch.

Sports channels in addition to the rich content of programs, live sports events, long-term viewing habits are also one of the main reasons viewers like to watch sports channels, and daily viewing time in more than 30 minutes.

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