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The "Wushu World" channel, which belongs to Henan TV station, is a digital channel broadcast to the whole country and approved by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television. August 28, 2006 officially broadcast, the main content of martial arts professional knowledge, is the only martial arts professional channel. The "martial arts world" channel program broadcast through the medium number of media transmission platform, the first broadcast program 4 hours a day, 24 hours a day rolling broadcast.

Through unremitting efforts, "martial arts world" channel to play - "the platform for the spread of martial arts culture, the arena of martial arts, the arena of martial arts events gathered together, the platform to teach martial arts, martial arts equipment demonstration booth, A stand for exchange of martial arts

There are many columns in "Wushu World," among which the main columns are "Mingpai Zhengong," "Talking about the Tao," "Wulin Boxing," "" Chinese Wushu lecture hall, "Fitness FOLLOW" and so on.

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