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Hainan Economic Channel is the main ground channel under the banner of Hainan Radio and Television, and it has the highest viewing share and rating in Hainan. There are some well-known columns such as Hainan Live, TV Night School to Get Rich from Poverty, Free Trade Port, Pursuit and Hainan Story, which are the launch platforms of high-quality TV dramas.

As a science and technology character feature film, "The Most Beautiful Scientist" avoids the boredom of simply introducing science in traditional science and technology programs, and introduces the local scientific research undertakings and their scientific research achievements of Hainan to the audience through commentaries and narrations of the subject characters. The program "Most Beautiful Scientists" - expresses the respect for Hainan's scientific researchers and the importance of Hainan's local scientific undertakings, creates a feast of "home" of exclusive science, and gathers more Hainan people to participate in science.

Every ordinary life will be filled with stories. Stories are the miniature of life. Hainan Stories digs out the good deeds and virtues of ordinary people on the land of Qiongdao, picks up the most wonderful chapters in their lives, and presents vivid portraits of Hainan people in the form of live story speeches.

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