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With the slogan of "Love Wen Tour Meets You", Hainan Wen Tour Channel closely follows the theme of culture, tourism and sports, and pays attention to the integration and development of Hainan's cultural tourism and sports undertakings.

Smart tourists, free food, drink and play, how to be a smart tourist, challenge your prize on the tall dividing continent without spending money.

Hainan Television was founded in August 1982 and broadcasted formally on October 1, 1984. It was upgraded to a provincial level in June 1989. It has established cooperation and exchanges with television organizations in the United States, Japan and some countries and regions in Southeast Asia.

There are five broadcasting frequencies: news broadcasting, traffic broadcasting, music broadcasting, voice of international tourism island, people's livelihood broadcasting; seven television channels: Hainan Satellite TV, Sansha Satellite TV, Hainan Economic Channel, Hainan News Channel, Hainan Public Channel, Hainan Wenlu Channel and Hainan Children's Channel. In addition, there is a news portal "Blue Net", a network television station "Hainan Network Radio and Television Station".

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