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Hainan Radio and Television Children's Channel is the only public welfare channel for education and youth growth in Hainan Province. It is also the most accurate media communication platform for families and children.

Since its launch in 2005, from the core position of caring for children's healthy growth, children's channel has devoted itself to the responsibility of spreading love. Through the linkage of programs, activities and industries, it has gradually formed six major sections: children's programs, children's training, children's performing arts, animation production, children's experience base, children's commodity marketing, etc. and created "Little". Brand columns such as Journalist's Big Vision, Dream College, Yile English, Mysterious Thousands, etc. have constructed a youth program system to serve the healthy growth of adolescents. They have passed on the positive energy of "seeking truth from science, education with love, benevolence in the world, beautiful Hainan" and successively won the "Hope Project Public Welfare Partner Award". "Happy Sunshine First Children's Song Singing Competition National Final Excellent Organizational Award", "Twelfth China Children's Song Karaok Television Competition Excellent Organizational Award" and other provincial and national awards more than 100 (times). In 2013, it was awarded the National Excellent Humanities and Social Sciences Popularization Base.

Since 2015, Children's Channel has formed four alliances, namely "Seven Colors Sunshine Culture and Art Center", "Hainan Radio and Television Little Reporters Union", "Hainan Children's TV Art Training Institutions Alliance", "Hainan Kindergartens and Schools Alliance", "Hainan Children's Business Alliance". It has held hundreds of children's TV talent competitions and more than 100 other alliances. The training course for children's talents has trained and brought up thousands of excellent young actors and children's stars. Among them, the excellent young journalists trained by the channel shine on various news sites. They have interviewed a number of domestic and foreign political leaders, as well as Ma Yun, Bai Yansong, the former Prime Minister of Australia and other celebrities at home and abroad. They have become a brilliant part of Hainan TV media. Scenery line.

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