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Linfen News Comprehensive Channel Logo

Linfen TV News Comprehensive Channel, which integrates local news, life, culture, economy and original audio-visual programs, serves TV audiences with authoritative current affairs reports, special columns close to people's lives, rich and excellent TV dramas and other comprehensive programs.

08:35 Liyuan Tang, 09:35 column, 09:40 wonderful playback, 10:45 leisure time, 11:50 Linfen News 12:45 meteorological service, 13:05 column, 13:35 TV drama, 15:45 program guide, 16:00 entertainment online, 16:50 happy time, 18:50 Linfen News 19:10 self-run column, 19:30 style grand view, 19:50 Linfen News, 20:15 Meteorology Services, 20:20 Self-run Column, 20:40-20:45, Golden Drama, 23:30 Cinema

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