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The News Channel is the terrestrial channel with the longest history in Shanghai.  It has been a leader in Shanghai in terms of ratings, market share and reputation for a long time.  It is renowned as one of the best terrestrial channels in China in terms of overall competencies.

For over 50 years, the News Channel has been the channel of first choice for audience in and around Shanghai to know about or keep up with the developments of the city.  Generations of enterprising and innovative TV professionals have created many influential columns and programs that are pioneering both in Shanghai and China.  The channel broadcasts News Perspective, the only “Famous Chinese News Column” produced by SMG, as well as News Workshop and 1/7, two “Excellent Shanghai Media Brands”. Well-known and popular programs also include News Report, News Nightline, Shanghai Morning and Media Search (news), Case Focus and Court Record (legal affairs), as well as Famous Doctors’ Talks on Health Maintenance, Very Economical Life andSuper Parents Meeting (well-being and public services).

In recent years, the News Channel has experienced ever-increasing media competition. Sticking to the strategy of “news broadcasting as the foundation”, it actively leverages new media and strives to present a “more people-oriented” style. Upholding the philosophy of “always being on site”, the channel attracts attention and praise from both the audience and peer channels from home and abroad. It has won the first prize of China News Award with its news reports for many years in succession.

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