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The Entertainment Channel has carried forward the innovation gene and brand heritage of the former Oriental TV Station in the past 20 years. During the process of continuous development, it is also enriched with new TV media contents and formats, in an effort to spread the core brand spirit of “Always be happy”.

As one of the mainstream channels in Shanghai, the Entertainment Channel and its programs have been awarded “Landmark TV Best Growth Potential Producer of the Year”, “China’s Top Ten Terrestrial Channels with the Greatest Internet Influence of the Year”, “Shanghai Role Model in Ethical and Cultural Progress”, Variety “Program of the Year”, “National Top Ten TV Columns on Life Services”, and “National Excellent Works for Spring Festival Galas of the Year”. In addition, many other programs have also won such national awards as Starlight Award and Orchid Award.

With a strong lineup of production professionals and hosts, the Entertainment Channel has remained top three in viewership rating among local channels in Shanghai for many years and enjoys a large market share of Shanghai TV audience.

The channel boasts many outstanding TV hosts and programs. It is characterized by advanced new media awareness and novel TV pictures delivered through new technologies and creativity, providing diversified TV programs to the local audience. The programs are categorized into information, people’s well-being, variety show, talk show, etc. Daily programs include New Old Uncle, Gossip, and New Entertainment Online; programs broadcast from Monday to Friday include Chen Chen’s Celebrity Interview, Happy Tuesday, Rong’s Moments, 36.7 Degrees and Super Family. On weekends, the channel broadcasts variety shows such as Saturday Dating and All-Star Karaoke. The special programs broadcast during holidays, such as Joke Feast, Shu Yue’s Talk Show and I Have a Date with Spring, are also well received by the Shanghai audience.

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