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Three sets of Xiamen TV (Children's Life Channel) are professional channels which mainly focus on cultural entertainment, sports events, health and fashion. The channel's self-made column "Business through Train" collects popular and fashionable cultural trends, business intelligence and life information to guide people's consumption; "Special Economic Zone Real Estate" is a large-scale real estate professional column in our city; "Vehicle Front Line" creates a brand-new dynamic automobile information column for you;

Happy On Demand brings you auditory and visual enjoyment of music. Happy Family provides you with the latest focus reports on population education and living environment, demonstrates fashionable healthy lifestyle and health concepts, and engages experts and scholars with you to discuss topics, deduce life stories and savor life philosophy. "Healthy life" opens up a window for people to seek medical advice and medicine. "Health new world" 20 minutes of health topics, popularize all kinds of health campaigns and health care and beauty knowledge, to create high-quality living space for you. "National Defense Space-time" carries out national defense education, demonstrates our army's demeanor, introduces military common sense, and reflects the soldier's aspirations.

In 2007, the channel set up a special "909 Light Attitude" for young audiences, which is also a new dynamic and entertainment type of music column created and packaged by Xiamen music broadcasting planning team. In addition, the group also introduced foreign programs such as "New Wealth Weekly" and "Stock Market quotation", which are rich in content and have a fixed audience.

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