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On October 1, 2008, Chongqing TV launched a new news channel. News Channel Orientation: A professional news channel with TV news programs as its main core resource. Features of news channel: Strengthen live broadcasting, all-round interaction, open to do news, cultivate fist programs, improve the quality of news. Eventually, the whole point of information as the framework, all-day live broadcasting as the clue, brand columns as the focus of the audience pattern.

The new news channel broadcasts 22 hours of news programs every day, the most important of which is the addition of a large-scale live program "Live Chongqing". The news channel is the main broadcasting platform of our news programs. Three "reinforcements" are the characteristics of news channels. One is to strengthen the local characteristics, close to the people's livelihood of the local news style; the other is to strengthen the effectiveness of news reporting, the actual effect is the life of news; the third is to strengthen the differences with the CCTV and provincial TV news channels, focusing on the affinity of news.

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