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Northeast Opera Channel is approved by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, and sponsored by Jilin TV Station. It is the first professional cable digital TV payment channel in Jilin Province.

The Northeast Opera Channel now has five columns: Guandong Theater, Northeast Drum, Famous Duan Appreciation, Jiuzhou Opera Garden and Fashion Duet Duet. The content of the program is opera programs with regional characteristics, including Northeast Duet, Jiju Opera, Liaonan Opera, Longjiang Opera, Huanglong Opera, Manchu New Town Opera, Korean Opera, Fuxin Mongolian Opera and Duet al. Taiwanese and Manhan Opera and other Northeastern local operas, taking into account the northeastern characteristics of folk, ethnic, folk culture and artistic forms, such as the northeastern drum, Suona Duangpeng, are broadcasted 24 hours a day.

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