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Jilin TV Village Channel is the first professional channel serving "agriculture, countryside and farmers" among 3600 TV channels in China. The channel aims at disseminating modern agricultural science and technology information, paying attention to the life dynamics of rural people, and promoting regional culture. It serves agriculture, rural areas and farmers from all aspects and angles.

Since its launch in July 2001, Jilin Rural Channel has set up many self-run columns with accurate positioning, rich content and strong interaction. The columns of "Four Seasons in the Country", "Country Focus", "Country Guide" and "Country Platform" have been recognized and loved by the audience, forming a stable audience. 。 Especially the column "Four Seasons in the Country" has solved many practical problems in the production and life of farmers. On the basis of capturing the attention of urban and rural audiences and increasing influence in the province, the channel has also been highly valued by the leaders concerned. The provincial leaders have held several special meetings to direct the channel work.

Over the past few years, JiTV rural channel has formed a good development pattern with economic and social benefits complementing each other, program coverage expanding, ratings rising, and social repercussions becoming increasingly strong.

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