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HOLLYWOOD CHINESE TV is located in Los Angeles, the birthplace of Hollywood, the world's film and television kingdom. It is the first international Chinese-language high-definition television station in the world with the concept of "film, television and financial media".

It has CH26.3 high-definition channel and DishNetwork satellite channel covering the whole United States. It also has Hollywood International Chinese-language high-definition mobile TV station which Broadcasts synchronously 24 hours a day and enjoys 4K-plus. High-definition multi-channel television broadcasting vehicle, 4K ultra-high definition program production and broadcasting system, and a unique 20,000 square feet large-scale television studio.

HOLLYWOOD CHINESE TV is guided by "Program Industrialization and Industry Programming". It has four strong news columns, entertainment information, mutual legal assistance, hot spot interviews, talk shows and other independent original brand programs based on the United States, and has an industrial structure. At the same time, it realizes seamless connection between TV media and network media through the new media center. Hollywood Chinese Satellite TV is based in Los Angeles, San Francisco, radiating Washington, New York, Hawaii and other mainstream cities of the United States, and forming an international media strategic alliance with China, Canada, France, Australia, Singapore and other international authoritative television media. At that time, the strategic development of Hollywood Chinese Satellite TV's international authoritative media will start in an all-round way.

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