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Henan TV Station "Happy Shopping Channel" is a TV shopping channel approved by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, and is one of the few professional TV shopping channel resources in the country.

As a professional TV shopping company under Henan TV Station, Tianyi Shopping Company undertakes the comprehensive business and operation flow of commodity development, program production, telephone order, warehouse logistics, after-sales service and so on. Is a complete enterprise, professional, modern TV shopping platform.

The "Happy Shopping Channel" aims at 100 million urban and rural residents and millions of cable TV users in the whole province, and relies on professional TV shopping channels to watch shopping programs and order by telephone in a store-free manner. At the most favorable price, the fastest speed, the best after-sales service to the audience's home. Let the people of the Central Plains enjoy the modern life of "staying indoors and building things conveniently." As a state media and state-owned company, Yueteng Shopping Channel and Tianyi Shopping Company uphold the concept of honest operation and assume the social responsibility of serving the common people.

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