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Legal channel is the only special channel of legal system in Henan TV station, characterized by distinct features and resources, relying on the core skeleton composed of seven self-created columns, with five hours of first broadcast, two replays and 20 hours of daily broadcast, adhering to the "Great Popularization of Law," The tenet of "great rule of law and great service" is to extend the law to the society, popularize legal knowledge, devote humanistic care, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the masses, witness the progress of the legal system in Henan Province, and all the employees do the program meticulously and apply the law one by one. Dedicated to protect the rights, with fairness, justice and sense of responsibility to establish the image of the vanguard of the rights protection.

In the course of channel development, it has always demonstrated its charm with brand columns, promoted the process of legal system with characteristic activities, promoted the dissemination of legal system, and enhanced the credibility and social influence of legal system channel. Many columns have won many awards in the national selection, which fully shows the outstanding achievements and strength of the channel in self-run columns and independent innovation. The character of faithfulness and honesty, the style of efficient execution. Since the launch of the legal channel "seven swords of the Central Plains," the revision of the constantly, innovative.

The Bank continued to build leading columns, maintain brand columns, cultivate subsequent columns and integrate social resources, so that the overall TV ratings of the channels increased steadily. In the second half of 2007, the TV ratings increased by 52% over the first half of the year, and the share of TV ratings increased by 63%. Ad revenue generation increased by 60 per cent over 2006. Looking forward to the future, in the propaganda field of the big legal system, we will control the strong voice, the exclusive reporting right, the first information release right, and make every effort to build the national strong legal system channel! We're on our way, we're trying! Coverage of Legal Channel

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