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Emotion 8: Display a true emotion story every night at 8: 00, feel the soul once a day, emotional awareness commissioner rushed to the emotional time and hot topic scene, revealing the twists and turns, full of suspense characters emotional destiny of the journey

"Stars and Hearts Face to Face": Attitude of entertainment horizon, Suzhou's most authoritative TV entertainment information column, unique perspective to read entertainment truth, entertainment people's livelihood, entertainment spirit to read information, touch entertainment nerve, opening entertainment horizon

"Everyday Fashion": Suzhou TV Station has only one TV program of fashion life service, focusing on the closely related aspects of life, such as seasonal food, dress-up, feng shui psychology, home tourism, life reach people, collection of treasures, etc

"Who is in charge of tonight" invites local celebrities, stylistic stars and elites from all walks of life to participate in each issue, and displays their extraordinary talents and shares the different dreams of the elites through the form of on-the-spot variety and interactive performance. Tell the life story of the people around you.

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